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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beverly Hills Mommy Blogger meets Malibu Mommy Blogger!

Today, talented interior designer Barrie Livingstone (who is replacing my threadbare couches – I held off for as long as possible, as my children use the couches as trampolines) introduced me to the lovely Alexandra Anderson, also known as the Beverly Hills Mommy Blogger, at the Montage BH.

We started chatting about our respective children and schools, and I announced that if anyone ever needed information on IEP’s (Individualized Educational Plan) – that I was an authority, having gone through the process twice - I have two children with learning disabilities. Within a minute, I realized that Alexandra knew twice as much as I did on the subject. I soon found that his woman is an authority on a myriad of topics, and it is no wonder that her blog has such a far-reaching circulation!

Being new to the world of bloggers, I wanted to know what prompted her to start this new venture. Apparently there is a huge demographic of mommy bloggers and this makes so much sense: we can be real mothers and virtual professionals!
That suits me much better than the other way around!
Alexandra and I shared similar views on how the focus of our lives and the nature of our ambition had shifted once we had families. It is HARD to find a healthy balance, there just isn’t enough time in a day! We both found that once we became mothers and experienced the intoxicating unconditional love for our children, nothing could compete.

The idea of a grueling film schedule now fills me with dread, where it once was my ultimate high. I shared that I am no longer willing to make films on location anymore. I can’t conceive of leaving my family for long periods of time. Several years ago, I was filming in Lithuania in December and it was COLD! Oh boy, did I miss LA! I caught pneumonia and bronchitis, and in order not to hold up production, the producers had figured out a system where I was brought back to the hotel after work, and I was hooked up to an IV that was attached to a chandelier which hung above my bed. This was my ritual for almost 6 hellacious weeks: 16 to 18 hour days in the subzero temperatures, and then back to my room for my intravenous evening cocktail. What a glamorous business I had chosen! I remember staring at the white cottage cheese ceiling, thinking to myself, “What the hell am I doing with my life? What is the POINT of all this?!”

Well, that was it. I immediately had 2 more children, and made a decision that unless the film had the capacity to change the world by spontaneously causing instant world peace, it wasn’t worth it!
My family is worth it, my children are worth it, and a career that will include them is worth it too!



  1. You make the worlds greatest Mommy and the sexiest wife. I love you and believe that you have the capacity to change the world spontaneously with your beauty, charm, humor and love. Thank you for making everything worth it. You are my beloved goddess and I adore you with all of my heart, body, mind & soul.

  2. I'm no competition for the above post! HA! I totally agree with you. Currently trying to figure out how to re-order my life. Thanks for sharing exactly how I feel!

  3. Carrie Stewart NolanApril 1, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    Catherine, Though my producing career was far less active or successful as yours, in part because I chose to be a stay at home Mom for most of my son's childhood, I have the most amazing 22 year old son today in it's place. He is secure and happy, never doubts how loved he is and I am more fulfilled than I was spending 18 hours on set and in editing bays. Today, with him on his own, I'm happy to get back to working again, but making that decision to be a fulltime Mommy (though I wrote children's books from home) has given me something in life that I never could have had otherwise. You're a fantastic wife and mother, and at the end of the day, that is what will fill you and change the world for the better.

  4. Dear Catherine, you really have a way with words. You manage to make even the most serious of situations, sound amusing. The way you incorporate facts with comedy, make for interesting reading. Women are complex creatures and definitely need much more than just working out and looking after children (including the husband), to quell the "thirst for more" we seem to have in our inner core. I am sadly there at the moment (but this is not about me....too much to say).
    Keep blogging.Take care!
    P.s I would be the first to buy your Memoir (yes, I have already read the next blog).